US-Taiwan to talk trade, UK to reform its data laws?, TikTok commits to align with EU rules and more
WTO Moratorium on Digital Trade to continue, India and EU discuss trade, UK anti-competition regulator probes Apple and more
China focuses on RCEP, Can GCBPR work?, and more
US and Taiwan talk trade; US and Bangladesh have a high level consultation; India to protest e-commerce trade duty moratorium at WTO and more
China call IPEF a ‘tool of coercion’, Twitter to pay fine for using data for targeted ads and more
Some new developments on IPEF front, UK working of trade deals with Pacific bloc and more
EU-Japan Digital Partnership launched, UK’s rebooting Bigtech laws, Singapore ‘welcomes’ IPEF and more
DMA to come in force in 2023, UK on a spree to sign new trade deals....
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